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Adventure Arc Kids

Your Sensory Play Supply Store

Filled with sensory goodies to stimulate smell, touch, sight and hearing.

Filled with sensory goodies to stimulate smell, touch, sight and hearing.

A Place For all your educational sensory needs

Sensational, Fabulous, Sensory Play Items for an Awesome Sensory Play Adventure! We Specialise in Sensory Play Items With A Team Of Educators That Are Specifically Trained and Qualified in Sensory Play. Not Just A Shop, A Destination for Everything Sensory Play Related.

Introducing...LITTLE CODERS!

Unplugged coding for little ones (3-5 year olds) focuses on teaching concrete lessons to your little ones to understand what coding is through play. Spanning a 10 week journey, all our lessons will be play-based while still focusing on the development of the skills you need to be a successful coder.


Let The Sensory Play Adventure Begin!

Adventure Arc Kids has something for everyone & everything for someone.

As The Sensory Play Items Supplier, We have specialist items for individuals and bulk items for schools.

We stock the highest quality supplies, and can conveniently deliver them right to your door!

Online training for pre-primary teachers also available!

In partnership with Aanlynkursusse, SA’s leading online specialist training Institute to bring Pre-Primary Educators and Caregivers additional training to help them in their careers. Courses starting at R150, certificate included.

All courses available in English & Afrikaans

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Preschool Combo New
Don't Miss Out!

Only R1200 for all this!

This Awesome Combo Consists of:
5kg Rainbow Playdough
5kg Rainbow Rice
2,5kg Rainbow Pasta
5kg Rainbow Salt
Delivered right to your door!