Sensory Play Mat (Puzzle Mat, Ortho Mat) Set of 6


Sensory Play Mat (Puzzle Mat, Ortho Mat)

BPA Free Silicone Mats, like a Pop It….but a WHOLE Mat of them with different textures and colours!

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– BPA Free Silicon
– Non-slip
– Eco-friendly
– Beneficial for sensory issues
– Stimulating for fine & gross motor skills

  • Works wonders for cognitive awareness for children with hyperactive tendencies.
  • Beneficial for flat or high bridged feet
  • The bridge between your child and tactile challenges
  • Beneficial for balance and body awareness
  • Balances tactile imbalances and sets the body at ease
  • Advances spatial awareness and the development of immediate mindfulness
  • Promotes concentration
    levels and focus

Included are 6 Mats – Unit dimensions 25cm x 25cm each

Each set of 6 Mats covers 0.375m2 So to cover 1m2 you will require 2.6 SETS of mats or 16 MATS

How to easily calculate how many mats you require for a certain floor space:

  1. Measure the length and the width of the floor. (in this example Length is 3m and width is 3m, so floor space is =9m2
  2. Total floor space to cover 9m2
  3. So 9 X 16 = 144 MATS (16 mats are equal to = 1m2)
  4. 144 MATS divided by 6 mats PER SET = 24 SETS to cover 9m2
Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 75 × 4 cm


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